Progress Report

March 1, 2016

It has been 2 months since we officially opened and we can’t be more thankful for the attention and progress that has occurred. We have grown from being an unknown in the area to 5 members strong and counting! Out of our current members there has already been a ton of progress made from increases in strength and flexibility, to weight loss or gain (depending on the specific goal of the athlete), to boosts in energy and confidence. Our Hold Strong community is growing and molding into exactly what Heather and I had hoped for when we opened in that our members are taking the leap, stepping out of their comfort zone, and making real, life improvements. This is due to you, the member, and your desire to create a better you. CFHS can give you the tools but it has been your internal desire that has led you to where you are today! Great job everyone, continue the hard work, talk to your friends and family about your experience, and most importantly continue to have fun and continue your journey to creating a better YOU!


In the coming months I would like us to participate in some of the “fun runs” and other events in the area. It is getting warmer and there are more opportunities for community/family activities. After all, that is what we become, a family.