If you’re looking to tone, lose fat, build muscle, improve your endurance, or just get fit than you should fill out a form and get on the schedule to try a FREE class.

As we close out another year and look forward to 2019 we want to remind everyone, future and current, of our class times and schedule and ultimately what we offer to you.

  Whether you’ve never tried CrossFit or have been doing it for years, than you’ve found the right place. All classes are coach led and we will teach you everything you need to know and progress you at your capabilities. Our workouts are programmed and plannned in house so that our members feedback is taken into account. 

Monday-Friday @5am, 6am, 530pm, and 630pm

Saturday  @9 for our community workout 

Thursday’s @730pm we have our Flobility(yoga) class

All of these classes are available to you as a current member but anyone is welcome to attend for the drop-in price.   


New Class Days and Times!

We are now offering mid-afternoon classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 1130-1215 and 1215-1. These classes focus mostly on conditioning and toning. We will take you through a warm-up, workout instruction, and the workout itself, and a cool down. Classes will be a packed 45 min to maximize your time and get you back to your day! 


A clean gym is a happy gym!


Working through progressions


Pull-up scaling. 

The year for a better you

We currently have 4 class times, 5am, 6am, 530pm, and 630pm, to accomodate your busy schedules. There is also a Saturday class at 730am which is followed by a 2 hour open gym. Open gym is your time to make up a workout, work on a skill, ask questions, mobilize, or whatever you choose to do. Coaches will be there to facilitate and supervise. 

We are completely up and running in our new location and ready to receive you to start your journey at becoming A Better You. Hold Strong coaches will instruct you on everything you need to know from proper movement patterns to nutritional needs. Workouts are completely scalable to each persons fitness levels and physical restrictions. However, you will never feel singled out. Community is one of our largest strengths and it is very important that every Hold Strong athlete feels welcomed and comfortable to be themselves. 

Contact us today to get started!

Always Improving

As we near our 1 year mark of being a CrossFit Affiliate, we are excited to announce some upcoming changes!

1. Starting today, October 1st, we will add a 630pm class to our schedule (That's 1830 for the military folk). As always, please please call ahead for new members or drop-ins or reserve your class on Zen Planner for existing members.

2. With a growing community comes a need for a larger space. We can't wait to open our new location in the Rittaman Pointe shopping center. The same strip as Peter Piper Pizza. Our new address, 6322 Sequin Road, Suite 121, San Antonio, is only about a mile from our current location. We will keep you posted as we near opening that location. Thank you to our current members for making this possible! We are thankful for each and every one of you! 

3. It's been a great first year and we look forward to many more years of providing our surrounding community with the best means possible to become a BETTER YOU. We are proud to be the only CrossFit Gym servicing the Converse, Kirby, Universal City, and Windcrest areas and your one-stop shop for your wellness, nutrition and fitness needs.

Progress Report

March 1, 2016

It has been 2 months since we officially opened and we can’t be more thankful for the attention and progress that has occurred. We have grown from being an unknown in the area to 5 members strong and counting! Out of our current members there has already been a ton of progress made from increases in strength and flexibility, to weight loss or gain (depending on the specific goal of the athlete), to boosts in energy and confidence. Our Hold Strong community is growing and molding into exactly what Heather and I had hoped for when we opened in that our members are taking the leap, stepping out of their comfort zone, and making real, life improvements. This is due to you, the member, and your desire to create a better you. CFHS can give you the tools but it has been your internal desire that has led you to where you are today! Great job everyone, continue the hard work, talk to your friends and family about your experience, and most importantly continue to have fun and continue your journey to creating a better YOU!


In the coming months I would like us to participate in some of the “fun runs” and other events in the area. It is getting warmer and there are more opportunities for community/family activities. After all, that is what we become, a family. 

New Year, New You

2016 is finally here!! For some 2015 went by way too fast, and for others not fast enough. Regardless which applies to you, one thing that should be the same for all of us is to be better than we were the year before. Who doesn't want to be more successful, healthier, and an all around better person than they were the year before?

If that is you than you need to give us a call! CF Hold Strong can't make you better at your job (unless your job is fitness related) but we can make you more confident and ultimately feel better about yourself. That will transfer to all aspects of your life, and from there your possibilities are endless. 

If you have been interested in CrossFit but don't know where to start or are intimidated because you don't think you are ready to take on a big CrossFit gym than we are for you! We have everything you will find at any CF gym anywhere but since we are a small, garage based affiliate we offer smaller class sizes, one on one training, a women's only class, nutritional advice and so much more. If you are looking to be competitive, we offer that for you too! 

Contact us to schedule your free introductory week. More importantly, contact us to get started on a better you! 

Free Introductory Week

Here at CrossFit Hold Strong we want to make sure you start off on the right foot. Come by and give us a try with no commitment and completely free. We will ensure that you are familiar with all movements commonly performed in CrossFit and not only familiarize you but make sure you are comfortable, confident, and most importantly safe. We won't let you leave without first getting your heart rate up though, after the instructional portion we will go through our WOD (workout of the day)! Contact us to schedule your free week!

If you are completely new to CrossFit or even fitness in general, our intro class is the perfect way to start. We will teach you how to conduct body weight movements, move weight from the ground such as in a deadlift or clean, press and squat. Other aspects will be proper warm-up, cool-down, and nutritional advice.

Those that have CrossFit or fitness experience can take advantage of taking your fitness to another level. We will enhance your technique and make you more proficient in what you already know. 

The bottom line is CrossFit Hold Strong has something to offer everyone of all levels, ages, and experience!! We look forward to seeing you and helping you become a better you!